Austin's only 100% Eco-friendly screen printer


Under Pressure Screen Printing was founded in July of 2009.  We are Austin's only  100% Water-based screen printing shop.   We offer a wide array of services from apparel, poster, and promotional materials printing .  

We strive to serve our local Austin community and seek to achieve the best possible quality for each product that we produce.  In 2013 we upgraded to automated printing equipment so that we can offer competitive pricing on large orders and unparalleled water-based printing quality.    

Currently our automated M&R Gauntlet printing press can handle up to 8 colors with 10 printing stations for bulk orders.  We also still operate our original 4-color 4-station Riley Hopkins Press for smaller jobs.  Combined with our 25 foot M&R Sprint gas dryer we can run 600+ shirts per hour.  

Our focus with our industry-leading equipment is to offer the highest quality large order water-based printed products at the cheapest prices in town.


Another thing that sets Under Pressure apart from the competition is our exclusive use of water-based fabric inks over industry standard plastisol and solvent inks.

Plastisol inks might be easier to print with, but the production, use and disposal results in the release of Toxic chlorine-based chemicals.  Additionally the chemicals needed to clean plastisol inks from screens and squeegees requires the use of harsh solvent chemicals that end up in the drain.  This practice is so environmentally harmful that California issued a statewide ban of plastisol inks to prevent these chemicals from ending up in their water systems.  With water-based inks we are able to use plant based cleaners and solvents to clean our screens with no environmental damage or impact.

In addition to being a more environmentally friendly product, water-based inks are also much softer and smoother on a shirt vs plastisol and with water-based discharge we can reduce to feeling of ink on a shirt to almost nothing. The ink just feels like shirt material.  In the end water-based inks are more difficult to print with, but we gladly put in the extra effort for the quality and environmental benefits.